Welcome to The Big Picture.

This is where I share my perspective of the world and invite others to do the same. Writing is how I tell my truth. I try to make it interesting for other people. Sometimes I succeed. Usually it’s when I’m willing to risk rejection and ridicule and just say what I really think out loud. Most of the time, people are relieved to hear someone else say whatever it is, so they can talk about it, too. Sometimes, if it’s an uncomfortable truth, people want me to shut the hell up about it. Usually, uncomfortable truths are those that affect a person’s ability to make money without having a guilty conscience.

I believe that none of us can know THE whole truth until we are able to see and understand what we call reality from every other person’s perspective. Yes, I realize that we will all likely be dead before that happens. It’s like justice–it doesn’t really exist as long as there is someone suffering injustice. Yet with the invention of the internet, for the first time, it has actually become possible.

We are able to connect in spite of the borders created to divide us in order to rule us more easily. We connect through language and laughter, whether that language is written, spoken, danced, sung or mimed. It is our connections with one another that make life worth living. Sharing our experiences, thoughts, and feelings in an atmosphere of mutual respect and acceptance helps build those connections. Again, welcome to the big picture, where perspective matters.

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