I’m Glad Dave Does It


The sign on Dave’s truck makes it clear that he does landscaping and dabbles in the handyman arts. In fact, this naughty little sign implies that there just isn’t much that Dave doesn’t do. I like that in a handyman.

After seeing Dave’s sign, I wanted to call and make an appointment, or even get a free estimate of something. Dave, can you estimate how many hot dogs it would take to fill a wheelbarrow? Dave, if two cars leave Detroit at 6:00 PM traveling at 60 miles per hour in opposite directions, can you estimate what time the train will leave the depot? Dave, at the current rate of nuclear proliferation, can you estimate how many years humanity will continue to survive? Poor Dave. All that estimating. He really should charge for that.

Is this all the thanks Dave gets for being brave enough to go into business for himself, forgoing health care benefits to be a role model for true entrepreneurial spirit for the rest of us currently cowering in our cubicles? Thanks, Dave. You gave me hope that I can learn to make a sign of my own.

Photo credit: My own 

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