The Bible, Continued

And it came to pass that a great and sorrowful lamentation could be heard throughout the world, and the world didst grieve the loss of the prophets of love and forgiveness. So crazed with loss were they that man rose up against man, city against city, nation against nation, god against god, each proclaiming themselves to be the true followers of the sacred word. 

And it came to pass that great advances were made in science and technology and that man sought refuge from powerlessness in destruction. The pure waters of life were made foul, and the air grew black with exhaust from traveling machines. Forests were stripped bare to build grand edifices to reflect the likenesses of the powerful . 

And it came to pass that man did create weapons of mass destruction. An atomic bomb  didst rend the heavens asunder and the multitudes below didst become shadows of eternity.  All who remained alive did bow  before its mighty  power and were thus enslaved by those who laid claim to its creation. 

And from these cinders a Goliath of nations did arise and the people could be heard to say “Behold! Hath the Lord God himself, knower of all things past, present, and future, not spoken? Thus spake he in the time of Noah and of Sodom and Gomorrah. This Goliath must surely be the right hand of God to be thus favored and granted the power of life and death over cities and nations.” ​And it came to pass that their flags were planted and their peoples didst suffer much beneath the weight of their greed and were separated one from another.

And it came to pass that other nations wished to acquire such favor and such weapons and it was thus that money-lenders came to rule upon the earth until no living man or woman remained free of their usury. And great suffering didst befall the people and children didst die from hunger in the arms of their weeping mothers to pay the debts of their kings and a great murmuring arose as they began to pray for the return of their savior and for the end of the world. 

And it came to pass that there were those who sought freedom to be reunited one with the other and a great invention was made for this purpose. And mankind didst speak one to another across the miles and over the flags and their voices did rise up against the tyranny of greed and destruction. 

To be continued……. , 

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