I Want To Be As Constant As A Struggle

I Want To Be As Constant As A Struggle

I always hear people say “It’s been a constant struggle”.  Sometimes they are referring to maintaining their ideal weight.   Sometimes they’re referring to losing their tempers or dealing with a difficult co-worker.  Whatever it is, though, to hear them tell it, they never even get time off from the struggle for good behavior. 

No, the struggle is always constant.  It’s never an intermittent struggle, an occasional struggle, or a skirmish.  I think that’s why so many people lose their struggles.  If you’re in a constant struggle, you’re going to wear yourself out.  That’s just common sense.  Let’s face it, nobody has that kind of endurance.  Every time you collapse in exhaustion from the constant struggle, your opponent gets the upper hand.   That’s how all-you-can-eat buffets stay in business.  

I think it’s probably a better strategy to only struggle for short periods of time. Five minutes would probably be sufficient.  You could even  surrender for a while in order to rest up and think of a good plan to conquer the enemy once and for all.  Constancy should be saved for things like care and compassion.  Wasting it on conflict, either with yourself or other people, is how arms manufacturers stay in business.

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