Coca-Cola’s Evil Empire Strikes Again: Not Even Monsters Are Safe

A couple of years ago, I received the sad news that because of the evil Coca-cola company, I would no longer be able to purchase and enjoy one of my few delicious-yet-bad-for-me favorites, the Monster Mocha Loca.  Gone forever from my life is the fabulous sweet flavor, the chemical burst of energy, the frosty goodness, of my favorite vice.  I’m all for having at least a little vice in your life to spice things up, but now, buying this product is just too much vice for me to handle, and it’s the wrong kind, too.  

It seems that Coca-cola has purchased shares of Monster, so to buy a Monster product, I will be forced to donate profits to the Coca-cola company.   In the beginning, this company began addicting people with actual cocaine, then switched to addicting them with sugar. Okay, I realize that Coca-cola has some of the best feel-good advertising around.  It’s so good that people are willing to overlook diabetes and tooth decay as long as they can be part of a happy group that’s teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony.  

Well, in reality, the Coca-cola company creates anything BUT harmony.  It uses what should be clean public water for private profit, and transforms it into a harmful substance with no nutritive value whatsoever. In an increasingly drought-stricken world in which many have no clean drinking water, should Coca-cola even exist? Should any company be able to bribe governments to own rights to the earth’s water and be able to profit by charging humans for something vital to life?

You can read about some of their atrocities, and why I refuse to contribute a single penny to their profits. Ironically, part of making the world a better place would be boycotting Coke until they go out of business.  I have to give them credit, though.  I was shocked and disgusted to discover that even an ancient Mayan religion in Mexico has been convinced to use Coke in their religious rituals.  Now that’s successful advertising . 

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