Doug Stanhope’s Fundraising Video For An Atheist Survivor of a Natural Disaster

Doug Stanhope is one of my favorite comedians. Why? While some find him over the top and offensive, I find his hypocrisy-exposing honesty refreshing. I even applauded when he did a show here in Portland, and made fun of all us liberal tree-huggers and the Occupy Movement.

Although I was sympathetic towards the Occupy Movement, he made a lot of great points about how people could better achieve their objectives. This video he made in response to a natural disaster could be considered offensive to Christians. However, it makes the valid point that after any natural disaster, Christians can be seen thanking god that they themselves were spared. 

On the flip side, that means they believe that god somehow found them worthy of sparing, but not their neighbors, who lost everything–and in some cases, their very lives. He points out how insidious it can be when we fancy ourselves “the chosen”—and more worthy of a deity’s favor than others. 

This is the very kind of thinking that leads to religious wars. “My god loves me more than your god loves you”. Or ” My god’s better than your god”. It’s like childish sibling rivalry that lasts an eternity. Anyway, I found it hilarious. It also managed to raise over $125,000 for victims of the natural disaster. What do you think? 

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