Ferguson: A Therapeutic Limerick

There once was a cop from St. Loo

Who told a tall tale full of poo

The public all booed

But he was so shrewd

That his attorney stuck to him like glue

He went on an adrenalin bender

And didn’t settle for less than surrender

His young victim pled

But he was shot dead

And His life stamped “return to sender”. 

The folks of St. Loo were enraged

So many they couldn’t be caged

And they did protest

Saying they would not rest

Until justice was fully engaged

The killer  they said, should be caught

And that justice should never be bought  

With cash or with bribes

By lighter-skinned tribes

All parties agreed to give this some thought 

Sadly, while they were all thinking 

And the politicians were winking 

More people were killed

And the dead air was filled 

With the stench of their racism stinking.  

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